How to a Business Strategy and Writing Interconnected

You are troubled to place along a business strategy for your service business. you are new strategic coming up with, or just unsure regarding the ostensibly erratic nature of this market. you do not get that there’s a association between your selling writing and making a business strategy. they appear like 2 entirely completely different activities and you cannot connect the 2. Let’s examine some ways in which golf shot these 2 along ar connected.

1. Unless you’re clear on your strategy, your writing cannot contribute to accomplishing it.

In order to write clearly and cogently about your business, you must have established strategies that you intend to pursue. Those are reflected in your business writing. Until your strategies are clear, your writing will not be clear. Without clarity, your writing will not be compelling and attractive to your target market. Your market will not be drawn to written descriptions of your business. Your writing will feel “unfinished” and not especially convincing. It will not grab and hold the attention of your target market.

2. Doing your marketing writing helps to clarify your strategy.

If you’re taking your writing projects seriously and devoting time to them, you’ll find that many details of your strategic plan come into sharper focus during the writing effort. Things such as selection of words and phrases, explaining concepts, and laying out your working processes force you to select and refine specific strategic activities. Even if you start out with a fully fleshed out strategic plan, the process of writing will evolve that plan. As you write, you must choose. Some aspects of your plan become glaringly wrong. As you write you get new – and better – ideas about your plan.

3. Your strategy is the structure that supports your writing.

When you start your writing project, you have at least a rudimentary plan in place. You use that as the “skeleton” for your writing. Your aim is to accomplish that plan, and your writing clearly demonstrates all the aspects of that plan. You’re aiming for a specific target market, selling specific services, with specific objectives in mind. This information is the foundation for all your marketing writing. In order to accomplish those ends, your writing positions your business to serve that market with those services to attain those objectives.

4. Marketing writing “codifies” and records your strategy.

Doing your marketing writing will inevitably structure and solidify your strategic activities. As you write, you will discover better ways, and that will alter your approach. Using your writing to explain your business to your target market ends us changing your own viewpoint of your business. As you write, some of your strategic ideas will start to seem “silly” or not workable. Your strategy changes through the process of marketing writing.

5. Without marketing writing, your strategy is unlikely to ever be fully executed.

Your marketing writing is what actually executes your strategic plan so that your target market can read, understand and appreciate what your business is all about. If you never do the process of marketing writing, your plan never bridges the gap from a document on your shelf to something that your market knows about. Without writing, there is no way for you to market or advertise. Even Internet ads must be written. Writing is the tool you use to “translate” your plan into service offerings aimed at your specific target market.

Your business strategy and marketing writing are intimately connected. Each mutually requires the other. Neither can be fully executed without the other. Use your marketing writing to demonstrate your strategic plan and your plan to support your marketing writing.